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Our LinkTAb traffic exchange, banner exchange & text link exchange provides you with all the free traffic you need, direct to your website. Simply visit our members sites and they will visit yours! We can help to take out all the hard work and frustration that advertising your website can bring, come and join us today!

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LinkTAb traffic SITE TRAFFIC

  • Reports the count of page hits - how many times the page is loaded.
  • Reports the count of unique visitors/IPs - how many people looked at the page.
  • Reports the count of returned unique visitors/IPs - how many people came back to the web site to look again at it.
  • Traffic stats by page, access hour, day, month, year and day of week.
  • You can view a log file of the last 1000 web-site visits - each hit to a monitored page is registered with the following information: access time, referral urls/domains, ISP, ip address, user agent and platform, time zone, language,
  • java/javascript/cookies technologies support, ...
  • Multiple pages - with 1 account you can monitor any number of pages from your web-site/domain and find out which is the most popular.
  • Country/Time Zone/Language - gives you demographic stats so you can learn if you need to launch a mirror site in other language or in other location.


Web Design

Good web design is about more than slick graphics. People use the internet for two purposes (broadly speaking) – to perform a task, like paying a bill, or to find information, like what is on at my local cinema. We work with the belief that a website should do more than answer questions, it needs to deliver a rich experience. We design and produce websites that are about more than animated graphics; they’re about intuitive design, clear navigation and rich content.

What next?

• If you need a website that’s about style and substance, contact LinkTAb.

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